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Chat was awesome. Rep had very good knowledge of ski differences.

- Verified Buyer | 10/3/19

It was hard to find the exact kind of boots online but it was easy to make sure I was buying the right product.

- Sean | 10/2/19

i loved the sizing method for ski boots. it also indicated at bottom of page every aspect of my foot and let me know if there may be any size concerns. i will see when i recieve them.

- Greg | 10/2/19

Good sale and was able to find a discount code on top of that!

- Verified Buyer | 10/2/19

The site is easily the best site to buy skis from, second would probably be the house

- tom | 10/2/19

Quick and easy purchase on my iPhone.

- Mike | 10/1/19

Informative, lots of variety, quick and easy

- Skibunny | 10/1/19

Easy checkout, great product selection.

- Adi | 9/30/19

easy to use checkout. paid with Affirm. good promotions

- Elliot | 9/30/19

I found the sweater at a better deal than elsewhere. The checkout was easy, but i wish they had ApplePay set up. If i get my order on time, i’ll definitely check with them for future orders.

- rob t | 9/29/19

I feel good about my purchase and can't wait till the skis get here and I can get them mounted

- Frankdog | 9/28/19

On line chat help agent was knowledgeable & helpful

- Verified Buyer | 9/27/19

Nice easy time ordering online....good price

- Nanc | 9/26/19

They had what I was looking for at the best price I had found and I bought it.

- Verified Buyer | 9/26/19

Excellent deal

- dee | 9/26/19

Good selection and good deals. Quick and easy to find what I wanted. Will be back when I need something else.

- JKL | 9/26/19

I like the great display and selection on an easy to navigate screen. I found The purchase process was so specific to what I was looking at and what I’ve ideally expected by purchasing Goods.

- ANGELES B | 9/25/19

Nice and easy to use website with a big selection of items. Easy also to find info for related products

- theophoto69 | 9/25/19

Good price, fast delivery, great experience

- maria 17 | 9/25/19

This place is great!

- Nick G | 9/25/19

Skis had great ski gloves on sale for a great price!

- Bill | 9/24/19

Good online store to find and purchase ski-related items. Easy site to navigate and sale prices can't be beat.

- DDuck52 | 9/24/19

Great experience buying online!

- Verified Buyer | 9/24/19

Loved the price, ease of order & free shipping. Usually do not take surveys because most of the time company s share your info, I hope you don't if I get bombed with offers I will never participate again.

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/19

Good price

- Verified Buyer | 9/23/19

Great products and customer service!

- Matheson454 | 9/23/19

Overall, very satisfied. I have purchased ski boots and accessories in the past, and was quite happy. Thought that the pros rating the various skis was very helpful.

- Paulie | 9/22/19

Simple experience - will use and recommend

- Verified Buyer | 9/22/19

No problems

- CraigC | 9/21/19

Got a great deal on skis on sale! Happy to have some new skis to try out this season.

- Court | 9/20/19

Awesome sale, and my sizes in the clearance! Gunna love these new pants

- Courtney | 9/20/19

Easy to use site , shopping is fast to get done plus free shipping after 49 dollar purchases. Very nice.

- Verified Buyer | 9/20/19

Good descriptions and measurements. Appreciated ability to review based on foot shape and experience.

- L Kay | 9/18/19

Easy and quick. All of my items were shipped within a few days and came without damage.

- Micky J | 9/17/19

Great website with a lot of good information about the buying/decision making process of ski products. Quick and responsive on the phone and shipping your order out!

- GL | 9/17/19

It was a good experience a lot of sale items of interest.

- caff | 9/16/19

Purchase was super easy. Took maybe 5 minutes!

- Bones | 9/16/19

Absolutely love my new Line Press skis and Marker bindings. Got them for half the cost of retail and they feel amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when shopping for winter gear!

- Twhitaker16 | 9/16/19

All good so far including prices.

- Verified Buyer | 9/15/19

Super easy! Price was right, too. Appreciated the free shipping.

- Skilove | 9/15/19

For the past few weeks I have been searching for a pair of skis and boots for my upcoming skiing road-trip. I finally stumbled upon this website and found everything that I had been looking for. The products I found on this website were name brand, and at a very reasonable price as well.

- Jake | 9/15/19

The store didn't have the jacket in my size during their sale, but I was able to get it online in my size at the same sale pricing!

- Steve | 9/15/19

Selection of products was great and the deals were good. They gave me a discount on my first purchase which I was able to combine with the weekend promo code. I thought that was an awesome thing! I'd purchase from again when I upgrade my skis.

- JakeC | 9/14/19

Great find and experience

- BCW | 9/14/19

good discount

- mteresa17 | 9/14/19

You had the best price on skis that were recommended by a friend in the know

- Verified Buyer | 9/14/19

I have made a few purchases on the website. The product is good, with reasonable pricing and fast shipping.

- Chris | 9/13/19

I like this website and what opportunities it brings to it's customers.

- Danchitto | 9/12/19

Excellent selection and good pricing. Product descriptions very useful.

- Steve | 9/12/19


- PAUL | 9/12/19

Thanks great deal quality brand.

- Bee | 9/11/19


- Verified Buyer | 9/11/19

Good selection of gloves and lots of information about each to be able to compare and choose.

- Wiskier | 9/10/19

Great company

- Tootles | 9/10/19

Cheap and free delivery

- Master | 9/9/19

Barry was outstanding!!

- Verified Buyer | 9/9/19

Easy to purchase items on line. Fair pricing, good selection

- Steve | 9/8/19

The price and ease of browsing the website were incredible! I got a pair of Salomon boots that were originally $600 for less than $300. Absolute steal and I highly recommend.

- Dylan Richelmann | 9/6/19

Very satisfied with online purchase experience... great prices on high-quality items

- Dave | 9/6/19

When selecting criteria for boots in the results it gives boots outside the criteria.

- Slopez | 9/5/19

Top of the line skis for half the price! Just got brand new K2 skis plus bindings for a quarter of the cost I would've paid on their sights. I will be coming back here for all my skiing needs before anywhere else.

- Twhitaker16 | 9/5/19

Plenty of options and easy site to use. The filters were great.

- Tom | 9/4/19

you were quick to answer a question about the item I was interested which was very helpful

- Noah | 9/4/19

Nice, wide variety of ski gloves to chose from. Nice comparative info to find just right pair.

- WiSkier | 9/3/19

Had an easy time finding what I needed.

- Summerstock | 9/3/19

Everything went fine just waiting for one item

- Steven | 9/3/19

good selection, OK prices

- rsc | 9/2/19

Was in the market to purchase a pair of new Ski Boots and new Ski Pants. Found the Salomon Boots and Descent Pants I was looking for at great prices. The selection of the goods was easy and the on-line purchase process was very convenient

- Churerboy | 9/2/19

A lot of options for all different skill levels. Great description of products. Easy to filter out what was wanted/not wanted.

- Tito | 9/2/19

Site navigation was easy and I was able to navigate to what I wanted to review quickly. The product information and pictures were excellent for decision making.

- Chris | 9/2/19

Easy to use website.

- Verified Buyer | 9/2/19

I felt like out of all the sites I researched on this one had the best deal on what I was looking for along with the nicest stuff.

- Will | 9/1/19

I was looking for specific skis but not wanting the break the bank. These are exactly what I wanted. I don’t care that they are demos, I’ve only ever skied on rentals and these will be a huge upgrade.

- T-bone | 9/1/19

Easy to find the right skies through selection menu

- harry | 9/1/19

I saw the classic skis and it's what my partner likes so I am giving them a try

- Juan Carlos | 8/31/19

The best part was the navigation. It was easy to find precisely what I was looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 8/31/19

A great price on last years model ski. Free shipping and easy checkout.

- Verified Buyer | 8/30/19

You have what my son needs for this ski season. You also have what I want him to have for this ski season. Therefore, I purchased more than what he needs.

- satisfied customer | 8/30/19

I found the ability to filter but item to be extremely user friendly. The pictures and breakdown of information was very easy to follow and understand. The selection of items is second to none and I found the price to be exceptional compared to other competitors.

- Eric E | 8/30/19

10% Discount coupon sealed the deal.

- Verified Buyer | 8/30/19

I got skiis here because they beat the competitors price for the same ones. I didn't appreciate the sales tax but who does. Website gave me good info about the skiis.

- Alissa | 8/29/19

very easy ordering, glad I looked

- etgif | 8/29/19

I like it.

- RIP | 8/28/19

have used this site often over the years. Very happy with it.

- nudnick | 8/28/19

They provide great info and reviews of the merchandise that they sell and I found them helpful in making my buying decisions on ll things skiing.

- popeye | 8/28/19

It was exactly what I was looking for - an insulated jacket with a removable hood plus free shipping.

- Gator | 8/27/19

i liked the variety of years/models available for color options

- TJ Hill | 8/27/19

I was offered a 10% discount for joining and that was added to the 33% discount advertised for sale so, that closed the deal for new Fischer Z-17 2018 bindings

- Skiracer | 8/27/19

Super easy to use with great selection and competitive prices. I would use this site again.

- Ol'SR | 8/27/19

web site is user friendly & products are high quality

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

Great experience, easy to find what i was looking for

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

overall easy to use website to find skis when not sure what to get

- Verified Buyer | 8/27/19

Prices prices prices!

- Jiminimal | 8/26/19

low prices and easy to find what I was looking for

- chris | 8/26/19

Just like browsing this web site

- PVR | 8/24/19

I visited Don Thomas for their sale, and liked this jacket, but they didn't have it in my size at the sale. I was glad to find it on line for the same price with free shipping.

- Steve R | 8/23/19

Easy. simple. variety. sales discounts are a motivator.

- Verified Buyer | 8/23/19

Easy quality merchandise payment plan was sweet!

- BFLO Bridgie | 8/23/19

Good product and price, but link to paypal did not work.

- Dan | 8/23/19

Love the detailed filter options, being able to select tall sizes and full taped seams

- Verified Buyer | 8/23/19

Great selection and good prices. The product description was good and the size chart was helpful. User friendly website.

- Jim | 8/20/19

everything was smooth as silk no problems ordered ski boots last week they came early

- todd | 8/20/19

I wanted black ski pants with approximately a 30 inch inseam. These were in stock and fill the bill.

- Vince | 8/20/19

Great website with a huge selection of snowboarding equipment.

- Teacher M | 8/20/19

I found a good pair of used skis and a bag for a great discount.

- Mike | 8/19/19

Great price and free shipping on the bent chetler jrs. Going to have a happy 9-yr old!

- Ted | 8/18/19

At first I was confused by a previous coupon code, but realized it was for purchases over 100.00. I was going to hold off until i got a 10% coupon code. that prompted me to complete the purchase instead of holding out.

- Verified Buyer | 8/18/19

online prices and shopping experience was great. Will reserve any further feedback until I receive my products.

- redoak | 8/18/19

Searching for what we wanted was really easy. Only small problem was all the 2020 ski poles were not available for another month and we didn't wanna delay the whole order (skis boots and poles) - it wasn't clearly if it would all ship together or not but we thought maybe it would...

- Verified Buyer | 8/18/19

I had to keep checking back until my size was available. The site was helpful for researching the boots I was looking for.

- Verified Buyer | 8/17/19

this was great

- Tommy | 8/16/19

They make it easier for non-experts to shop! Their visuals, descriptions, and information are all very user friendly. Filters are great.

- Verified Buyer | 8/14/19

Fast and easy. Great site and experience

- Verified Buyer | 8/13/19

Good price. Good quality.

- Harrison | 8/12/19

high quality, great prices easy to order and fast delivery

- cmitche01 | 8/11/19

Site is very easy to navigate, products shown have important information visible and prices are very competitive to other places. The reviews are all very helpful and make making a knowledgable purchase much easier. I've been using this site for years and don't plan on going anywhere else.

- Pinger | 8/11/19

Easy to use website, very happy with price and shopping options. Only recommendation is easy link to sizing charts--if they are there I couldn't find them and had to use a separate chrome window to look up sizing (ie. inches to cm and ski length to height). This was necessary when buying for children when we didn't know what recommended sizing we required.

- Verified Buyer | 8/11/19

It was very easy to scan the items, compare and make a purchase. I can't really recommend until I receive and try the item, though :-)

- Suzy | 8/11/19

Good price. Need to do free shipping and I personally would purchase other items.

- Mark | 8/10/19

Ability to narrow searches were a tremendous help (for example size and price).

- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19


- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19

I like the quick easy to use selections to get to my ski and brand, then select length and done.

- skirdude | 8/9/19

Great experience ...all is good!

- Verified Buyer | 8/9/19

Super easy to find what I wanted, good information on the product, and simple checkout.

- PJ | 8/7/19

It was good experience

- Verified Buyer | 8/7/19

Very good.

- Mateo | 8/6/19

I picked my item from the 75% off list. I just happened to find something I wanted (needed?).

- MLHARFORD | 8/5/19

My experience was pretty neutral. I googled these skis and found them on your website and was super pleased to find that they were basically 40% off!

- kate | 8/4/19

Easy to maneuver website. Product guides are excellent. Sizing charts take the guesswork out for a more comfortable purchase. Plus free shipping!

- Dunk | 8/3/19

I received an email ad for a flash sale with up to 70% off, I checked it out for some ski pants and found something I thought I could use at a reasonable price. Check out was typical and easy.

- Cat Track Willy | 8/1/19

I haven’t used these bindings yet, but they are very good quality. They weigh a decent amount which is good because they will be more robust and should last longer than light weight bindings. They are plenty wide for my 116 wide skis, and at the price, they are the perfect budget bindings for wide powder skis.

- Dylan Aust | 7/31/19

Very good price for ski pants I’ve lost wt and knew exactly what I wanted Only wish it came in black

- Verified Buyer | 7/31/19

The ease of navigating the site with product feature/filters was great. Super easy to use and competitive pricing

- KeithC | 7/31/19

like the sale

- Verified Buyer | 7/31/19

I love the search features when looking at several similar items.

- Verified Buyer | 7/30/19

Easy to use and navigate. Fast check out. Size charts available by all apparel.

- Miranda | 7/30/19

I wish you have Apple Pay. Other than that I love your website.

- Aleks | 7/29/19

Selection, price and website were all excellent.

- None | 7/29/19

Good Price easy to checkout

- Jon | 7/29/19

Quick and easy

- Verified Buyer | 7/29/19

Best deal on slightly used demo skies. Have purchased from them before and they have excellent customer service.

- plasticboatman | 7/28/19

Good products, prices with no shipping cost.

- WLBCT | 7/28/19

Great exp

- Che | 7/28/19

Not much to say. They had a product I was looking for that was available at the best price.

- Bud | 7/27/19

Easy and fast and the payment portal worked well.

- bla | 7/26/19

I buy from skis often as there is a great selection of items with comprehensive descriptions. Its easy to navigate the site and the quality is always present.

- Fish | 7/26/19

Great experience, hope good product

- Ed | 7/26/19

im good

- Verified Buyer | 7/26/19


- JT | 7/26/19

Great. Was looking for new skis for my daughter and then I remembered how much she complained about her goggles fogging up last season, so I bought her goggles and will show her the skis I like for her and see if she likes them.

- El Jefe | 7/25/19

Great website. Good prices and offers

- Verified Buyer | 7/25/19

It’s great

- CC | 7/25/19

I like the description and look of the product. I am anxious to find out if the product lives up to the add.

- skibum | 7/24/19

good products, great prices

- Verified Buyer | 7/24/19


- DOC | 7/23/19

Super quick and easy to use. Quality products.

- Hi-Weyer | 7/23/19

it was fine

- bac | 7/23/19

It was acceptable.

- Vince | 7/22/19

My last experience had a hiccup and I received excellent customer support. Since then I have been checking the site regularly to take advantage of sales. Keep up the customer first experience and I will be a loyal consumer and spread the word about your site!

- Jerry | 7/22/19

great and easy experience

- steve | 7/22/19

Website very easy to use.

- Tom | 7/22/19

Everything was great! Website was a little slow but all in all good!

- Verified Buyer | 7/21/19

Good looking products. Good price. Looking forward to finding out if these are good products.

- Skibum | 7/20/19

quick and easy

- NarNarWal | 7/20/19

I found a nice, warm shirt to wear for skiing. Since I sometimes teach in storms, etc., I have been searching for something to layer under my jacket and this looks perfect

- Karen | 7/19/19

Great Selection

- Verified Buyer | 7/18/19

It's a great online experience. Easy to find what I wanted, and easy to purchase.

- RichM | 7/17/19

Ordered size 9 gloves based on 8 1/2 hand measurement. Liked the gloves but they were too small. I returned the gloves and promptly received the applicable credit.

- vic | 7/17/19

fair pricing.

- fabri | 7/17/19

Great Web Site

- Verified Buyer | 7/15/19

Everything was great, would be great to add little bit more variety to your stock of items, and add Apple Pay at the checkout.

- Goldman | 7/15/19

First time buying. Nothing to report.

- Bing gue rae | 7/15/19

Great site. Fast and easy

- Che | 7/14/19

The website is well laid out. The ordering process was easy

- DKW01 | 7/14/19

Beautiful sweater! Even better than anticipated!

- LoreleiPatrice | 7/11/19

quality products priced right

- Paul Olson | 7/10/19

Was easy, and after shopping at brick & mortar stores price was easily $150+ cheaper

- Beth | 2/19/2018

Very good experience with this site so far.

- Aly | 2/19/2018

This particular transaction was quick, easy and painless. The website was layed out in a matter that it was easy to find what I was looking for. There were plenty of comments pertaining to my items which helped narrow down the field quickly.

- Jfay | 2/19/2018

Fully satisfied. What I wanted was readily available.

- Benjamin | 2/18/2018

Great pricing on K2 V02s... Sent quickly, arrived in perfect condition. First order from Summit.

- Jensen | 2/15/2018

Clean, easily navigable interface. Quick checkout process. Wish I could find user reviews more easily, but I only did quick views of products.

- Julia | 2/7/2018

Great fitting good looking goggles. Great price as always

- John | 9/4/2017

Very happy with the items of clothing we bought at a great value. Will be back again.

- Peter | 9/4/2017

I bought this board online, and arranged to pick it up at one of the Local Summit Sports Stores. The staff helped me unpackage it and load it onto my roof rack. They also gave me a lot of useful tips I wouldn't have known about care and maintenance of a fiberglass board. Once I got it in the water I was in love, and my wife and kids love it too. You can paddle hard and zip across the water, or just cruise at a leisurely pace. It is also lightweight, and doesn't feel like it is 11.5 feet. It just glides across the water and feels comfortable and agile. I can't wait to take it onto the great lakes to try it in the surf! You can't go wrong with Summit Sports either, knowledge and customer service are top notch.

- Gary | 7/25/2017

Awesome wheels for a excellent price. Rollerblade quality, high as always, price could not have been better. What else can I say? inlineskates never fails me.

- Javier | 6/26/2017

Great value for money! I am very happy with the recently made purchase. I was quite satisfied with the offer and promptly took advantage of it. Liaison with the website/shop consultant was productive and efficient. Many thanks to all!

- Dreamcatcher | 6/13/2017

I've been rollerblading for about 20 years and love Rollerblade skates. I tried K2's once and then went right back to Rollerblade. The last few years I've been wearing the Activa 90 and so went with these because of the same wheel. They are great, the laces are a little different, they stay in place great, I have to say, once they are in place they are hard to move if you want to adjust them but that is how you want them, but they don't go up above the ankle joint, like the Activa's did, but tie right at the joint. I prefer the ones that go up but I'll get used to these. Other than that, the overall design is perfect and they move well, fast and were really easy the first time out, because they are the same wheel as last time, next time I may try the 100s. But I love Rollerblades because of the quality and predictable performance level, they are dependable and a really well made skate that I trust. Also want to mention, this is the first time ordering from this company and I really appreciate the great customer service, delivery was on time and in great condition and they even sent me a follow up email to see how everything went. It's also a great website and very user friendly. So, will order from again.

- Allison | 6/12/2017

There were other skates that I wanted more than the ones I purchased, but they didn't come in my size. In all fairness, other sites didn't have my size either. I did find one site that had a style I wanted, but after experiencing your customer service/return policy, I decided to purchase my skates from your site. I couldn't be a more satisfied customer after ordering from you. My skates arrived on time, the price was good, and after having to return my first skates because of sizing, the second pair arrived one day after ordering. That is just excellent. I will do business with you again. God bless.

- Kevin | 6/12/2017

I had a Live Chat with Rick today, and he was very helpful. I haven't bought a pair of skates in over 20 years (my old Macroblades were the best) and I had a lot of questions about the new trends and technology. He really knows his products, and offers friendly advice. Thanks Rick!

- John | 6/9/2017

The skis were on back order but the customer service reps kept in contact with me and shipped them as soon as they came in. The product is amazing! And came packaged really well! Love the skis! thank you

- Lana | 6/5/2017

I'm very happy with my new skates! I'm not as good as I used to be, so I purchased the K2s knowing they were going to roll faster than I'd like at first..hoping to improve my skill set like old times. I've only used them twice so far and I have no complaints. They fit true to size and comfortably on my foot, they don't dig into my calves, the wheels roll super smoothly and the brake works well too. The colors of the skate are bright,vibrant, and fun. I'm very pleased and would recommend inlineskates and K2!

- 4Smooth | 3/13/2017

I ordered these skis online, and feel that I got a very good deal on them. They really handle well in all sorts of conditions. They arrived quickly and the packaging was great. Very pleased with this purchase!

- Mary | Maine | 3/13/2017

Searched the internet for this pant, it's a past years model. They were wrongly sized due to the manufacturing. Customer service took the time to assist me with the sizing which insures the correct fit. Thank you, I couldn't be happier with the price, quality and fit. I'll be a return customer because of your helpful service.

- Happy Girl | 3/6/2017

Great company to buy from. Everything was as promised. Great Jacket!

- Jonas J | 1/30/2017

I worked with Rick in the customer service chat and he was extremely helpful and patient with my questions. He helped me size my Ski boot correctly and worked through some order details. That you for running a top notch customer service, you truly set the bar high. - Nate

- Nate V | 1/12/2017

I ordered a pair of Rossignol Alias Sensor ski boots for my son for Christmas. He has a wide foot and a high instep, so I am hoping that these boots will provide the comfort that he is looking for in a boot. He has not used these, so my comments are really about the company. The boots were sent very quickly to me and were in perfect condition when they arrived. I received wonderful customer service and help from online chat representative Rick. and I want to award him the 5 stars from this review.

- Skier Mom | 12/11/2016

Hi, my friend asked me to help him find skis that are appropriate for his ability and interests, and your site is extremely helpful! I like the video reviews - this helps put a person with inflection behind the words and makes the reviews seem a lot more credible. Keep it up!

- Guest | 12/8/2016

Dear Sir/Ms, This order was placed on 11/30/2016 online, however it was determined with my phone conversation with you customer service representative named "Bobby". He was helpful, honest and patient enough to find out information I wanted to know which ultimately confirmed my decision to purchase the ski boots. Please make sure, he receives whatever credit your company provides to it's sales reps. Thank You Andrew

- Andrew | 12/1/2016

i completed my first order, an found i had gotten the wrong size, returning was easy an refund was very fast, replacement item is here just as quickly; i highly recommend this site to all my family and friends!!

- Bonnie | 11/30/2016

I had a great experience start to finish! I called and requested a specific color for the kayak I wanted(desert camo) I received a call 2 days later to let me know that it had been delivered to the store and I could come pick it up. The lure 10 is the most rediculous stable kayak!! Tracks great and is light enough to car top with one guy. Thank you guys at summit sports for being so professional and friendly, I will be back for my accessories!

- Chris | Mi | 7/28/2016

I purchased my Hobie Rectangular Hatch to make a major upgrade on my 2016 Hobie Outback and this is a must for anyone wanting to get more storage out of their boat. Yes you will be doing some cutting on the hull so measure twice, cut once is crucial. It does mock up perfect and allows you to store two plano tackle boxes (Also sold at Summit Sports) within arms reach for extra gear. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get the most out of their boat. Yes it is pricey for a hatch (Expensive at any store) but the benefits you gain from this is worth it. If your not comfortable at installing yourself, I believe Summit Sports has guys that install these all the time that would help you out. Hands down on the customer service I received as well and looking forward to spending more money with my local Summit Sports.

- Corbin | Central, Mi | 7/18/2016

Talk about fast delivery, only 2 days and I had them on my feet. Like the website says they are a great fit. I was worried about ordering online but I'm a happy girl. Ordering my husbands tonight.

- Jodi Lamb | South Easy, Tx | 7/6/2016

Recently we were at the Summit store in Brighton and purchase a Thule Hullavator. Our experience couldn't have been better Our sales associate was friendly,helpful and knowledgable. AND he even put the Hullavator on our SUV. No charge. That's not all. After about a week I wanted to put two more locks on before I met up with friends to go kayaking but could not find the keys. I called the store and talked to Steve. He asked me if I could come to the store. I did and he exchanged my locks for new lockes and sent me on my way. No Charge. Steve made my day. I left knowing I will go to Summit first before I look anywhere else.

- Water Girl | Brighton, Mi | 6/28/2015

Good website nice information good videos

- Brian W. | St. Petersburg, FL | 6/19/2015

Great customer service and product

- Beth K. | Buffalo Lake, MN | 6/12/2015

They helped me pick the right skates for me. Ty very much.

- Tonya B. | North Vernon, IN | 6/11/2015

Great experience, calls handled quickly and politely. Well designed site.

- Richard S. | Huntington Beach, CA | 6/8/2015

This site was awesome to work with. I can't wait for my skates to get here!!!!

- Victor S. | King of Prussia, PA | 6/7/2015

Easy to navigate, and I appreciated the specs/stats diagrams for determining the best fit skate for my usage.

- Joe G. | Poughquag, NY | 6/4/2015

I love how we are able to compare different skates at the same time- If we have any question there is the option of speaking to someone on live chat- They offer the lowest prices on their skates [from my research]- There are many inline skates options to choose from- Very helpful videos uploaded on the site explaining the various skates.

- Fergie M | Miami, FL | 5/30/2015

I have been 'speaking' with Dru via the live chat; to help complete my order. He has been very helpful, fast, and efficient!

- Courtney H. | Rochester, MN | 5/20/2015

Great site!

- Carl P. | Albany, GA | 5/6/2015

Great purchase. Great price for a high quality item.

- Philip V. | Gorham, ME | 5/4/2015

Very happy with the price and free shipping for my new product!

- Coral B. | Eau Claire, WI | 4/21/2015

Easy ordering. Surprising fast delivery. Great experience.

- John K. | Milwaukee, WI | 4/6/2015

Easy ordering. Surprising fast delivery. Great experience.

- John K. | Milwaukee, WI | 4/6/2015

This was the lowest price I've seen on the market!! Awesome experience.

- Ashlie S. | Elizabeth, PA | 3/30/2015

Summit rocks! Thanks, guys!

- Kyle H. | St. Clair Shores, MI | 3/13/2015

Love my skis, love my boots. They have improved my skiing tremendously!

- Virginia N. | Belgrade, MT | 2/8/2015

Great website - easy to maneuver and to purchase!

- Laurie K. | Littleton, CO | 2/3/2015

I totally recommend!! The price is very good and competitive.

- Desie L. | Erie, PA | 1/28/2015

Fantastic customer service. Shared website with friends.

- Holly S. | Golden, CO | 1/25/2015

Great experience, great product, will shop here again.

- Kim V. | Chargrin Falls, OH | 1/22/2015

Excellent Website/choices/beautiful colorful pictures of each item; very functional website, accepts coupons, answers questions quickly, great prices/products - they do exactly what they say they are going to do.

- Stephen B. | Chesterfield, MO | 1/22/2015

Great prices and good variety of products. Will come back for more, absolutely!

- Val Y. | Makawao, HI | 1/21/2015

Great selection, excellent prices.

- Edward M. | GLenwood Springs, CO | 1/20/2015

I talked with Adam and Chris on the phone prior to placing this order--Both were VERY helpful!!

- Ross B. | Geneva, IL | 1/20/2015

Had an excellent online experience thanks to a live chat with Dru. Was able to physically verify the availability of my product and ensure it would be shipped promptly. Best customer service I've received in an online transaction in a long time...kudos!

- Matt W. | Alanson, MI | 1/19/2015

Great Place to shop. Best Prices around!

- Erica G. | Reisterstown, MD | 1/13/2015

Great online store!! Tough to find my size 14 , has it. Awesome!

- Ginny D. | Charlton, MA | 1/10/2015

Great experience and selection! Love the sizing scale so you can sort by cut of pant!

- Heather H. | Wilton, CT | 1/9/2015

Amazing on-line site, ease of ordering and fabulous customer service when needed! Great product selection!

- Nona S. | Joshua Tree, CA | 1/5/2015

Great experience. Wonderful company in supporting diversity. This is the second purchase made in less than a month. Very pleased so far.

- Helen B. | Council Bluffs, IA | 1/3/2015

Fast shipping and good prices.

- Chuck R. | Rockford, MN | 12/31/2014

Really enjoyed the variety of information presented by the website about the product's performance features, materials ratings, and other relevant resources such as buying guides. It made the decision process easier. The great prices also helped along with the variety of product selections as well.

- Zuong T. | San Jose, CA | 12/31/2014

Excellent selection good prices and fast shipping

- Wayne W. | Makawao, HI | 12/31/2014

Great shopping experience. Returning customer

- Teva R. | Cardiff By the Sea, CA | 12/7/2014

Great product selection, including nice quantity of sale items. Easy checkout. Overall very good online retailer.

- Mike M. | Lafayette, LA | 12/7/2014

Good selection,great website,fast shipping and competitive pricing!

- Bruce W. | Hillsborough, NC | 12/6/2014

Staff is extremely helpful!

- Kim K. | Roanoke, VA | 12/4/2014

Have ordered from Summit before. Always pleased with product.

- Stephanie S. | Batton Rouge, LA | 11/26/2014

As with most companies, some products are great values and others are not. The item I ordered is often hard to find and periodically Summit gets them in stock and sells them for a good price. A good business transaction is a win-win for both parties, and in this case, it was. Thanks!

- Jon E. | Albuquerque, NM | 11/19/2014

Love your product offering. Looking forward to receiving my first order!

- Jennifer G. | Basehor, KS | 10/20/2014

My order was fulfilled promptly and accurately. A pleasure to order from this company- will do so again in the future.

- Steven W. | Margate, FL | 9/20/2014

Purchased a very nice ski undergarment. Great Price, Great Quality. Very easy and enjoyable experience.

- Patrick F. | Folsom, CA | 9/8/2014

Informative video of the product which can be used as a substitute for instore purchase for people who have not time to go to the store.

- Jon C. | Miramar, FL | 8/16/2014

As always, best prices for great products!

- Richard W. | St. Louis, MO | 8/11/2014

I really liked the items on your site and will return to it - esp. around Christmas!!!

- Jessica L. | Succasunna, NJ | 8/2/2014

Excellent website design, best prices on the net, large selection of skates, extremely good customer service (I used the chat today), very helpful with narrowing down a pair of skates. I will shop here again.

- Jesse T. | Duluth, GA | 7/16/2014

Great customer service. I bought my skates and paid for two day shipping because they were shipping out of my city they delivered within two days and didn't charge me the added shipping charges. Definity will recommend

- Dawn A. | | 7/15/2014

Thanx a lot. You guys have a great array of products, and Rollerblades to choose from. Even though I live in California, we don't have any stores near by. So I came here. You had the best prices anywhere on the web, plus Free Shipping! Thank You very much

- Joao M. | La Puente, CA | 7/12/2014

This is my first experience purchasing Rollerblades and I'm very pleased and impressed with the overall experience. Packaging was great, product is awesome and looking forward to best utilize the summer time with my new rollerblades.

- Abby K. | Olathe, KS | 6/26/2014

Great site, great prices.

- David H. | Fairview Park, OH | 5/20/2014

I wasn't going to buy the top, but the free shipping won me over. Thanks for having the best price I could find!

- Elyssa F. | Costa Mesa, CA | 5/13/2014

Easy purchase.

- Travis H. | Eau Claire, WI | 5/6/2014

Everything was perfect. I love my Salomon Stella skis! Thank you! :)

- Diane C. | Richford, VT | 5/25/2014

Great site, great prices.

- David H. | Fairview Park, OH | 5/20/2014

I wasn't going to buy the top, but the free shipping won me over. Thanks for having the best price I could find!

- Elyssa F. | Costa Mesa, CA | 5/13/2014

Easy purchase.

- Travis H. | Eau Claire, WI | 5/6/2014

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